Decatur PATH Connectivity Plan and Implementation Strategy

Decatur, Georgia

The Decatur PATH identifies 9.2 miles of bicycle and pedestrian trail connectivity opportunities primarily within the city limits of Decatur.  The plan presented achieves the goals of connecting the existing Stone Mountain Trail, the downtown business district, city parks, neighborhoods, and major visitor and employment centers.  Converting part of Oakview Road to a neighborhood greenway will slow traffic, promote muscle-powered travel, and favorable affect property values and neighborhood cohesion. Repurposing part of Commerce Drive into a protected cycle track will encourage bicycle ridership from north Decatur neighborhoods into the commercial district.  

The Decatur PATH regional connectivity plan visions the link into the future Trolley Trail and connectivity to key points of interest and destinations such as downtown Kirkwood, the Atlanta BeltLine, and downtown Atlanta.

Beginning Date:             September 2016

Completion Date:       December 2016