Rivers to Ridge Trail System

Gordon County, Georgia

Ribbons of greenspace and trails that weave through neighborhoods, alleyways, and parklands are a great way to reconnect citizens of cities that have paid a price over time to accommodate car travel. Virtually every American city gave up on human-scale connectivity during the twentieth century and spent their resources overloading public rights-of-way with infrascructure for motorized travel.

the KAIZEN Planning and Design team suggests it is time to repurpose some of the public rights-of-way to create safe and enjoyable spaces for walking, biking, and socializing in Gordon County, Georgia. The Team has also scoured the city to identify corridors that could be pieced together and converted into linear parks with trails. The combination of repurposing some existing public right-of-way and cobbling greenspace corridors together will give the citizens of Calhoun and Gordon County a whole new way to move about the city.

The Rivers to Ridge trail system will have a positive effect on adjacent property values, the overall health of the community, and the ability of the city to attract and retain employers as well as the educated young people they wish to employ. Building a system of connected greenways throughout the city will give Gordon County a competitive edge over sister cities for decades to come.

Beginning Date:               November, 2016

Completion Date:            May, 2017